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Calmox :: Our Company Calmox

Our Company

Calmox :: Nosotros CALMOX, headquartered in Caracas, Venezuela was established to offer the experience of its staff of professionals within the framework of a new and modern organization focused on Engineering consultancy service for the public and private sectors, excelling in the areas of Environmental, Industrial and Civil Engineering. Our experience and success have allowed us to lead and be part of projects in Venezuela and overseas.

CALMOX's primary objective is to provide feasible, efficient and timely state of the art solutions in accordance with the most current technological evolution, within a sustainable development that the dynamics of our clients demands.

In this context, CALMOX has a multidisciplinary structure supported by a group of companies, professionals and strategic allies of renowned trajectory, qualified in different specialties, with a broad practical experience obtained through their participation in projects executed through the years.

Mission & Vision

CALMOX's mission is to provide the best service under the company’s areas of specialization, promoting the development of innovative procedures and state of the art products to create and enhance the value of our clients.

Our principles are guided by professional, moral and ethical values geared to achieve a reliable, honest and consistent performance through a teamwork environment where each individual contributes to reaching the objectives of the company, the total satisfaction of our client, the needs of its employees and its shareholders, taking into account that our work must contribute to the social and economic development of our communities.

CALMOX, as a team of professionals of service providers, has established a set of standards in order to succeed in a changing and diverse market. Our goals are:

  • To be recognized nationally and internationally as a valuable engineering consultancy that provides high quality services, technical and timely assistance, and is identified by its high ethical and professional values.
  • To become a service provider, recognized for the added value it delivers in its projects, with innovative solutions.
  • To become the benchmark for excellence, based on its high performance teams under challenging and variable working environments, tailored to the requirements of our clients.